New series "HANG IN THERE"

I'm excited to release my newest series "Hang in There"    These prints are 10x36. They are trimmed to that size so there is no border. 

Sitewide Sale!! All prints are $10!

In honor of Back to the Future day, I'm doing a sale on all my 'Rick and Morty' v. 'Back to the Future' prints for $10 today!  I dont want the other prints to feel left out so ALL of the prints on the site will be on sale too.  The Archer v. The Avengers and Sunrise at Robot Heart full infinity background pictures are all half off too.  

Pick up some new prints today!

Pick up one of my Mad Max v. Adventure Time prints today

Best cosplay EVER!

I give you Princess Bubblegum Furiousa and Flame Princess with the War Rig at San Diego Comic Con!

The Allison family based in L.A. went to comic con this year as the characters I did in my last series Mad Max v. Adventure Time. I can't express how thrilled I am. The attention to detail is amazing and you can tell they put in a lot of hard work. I am just so excited to see this and that it was done so well.  The parents go to Comic Con every year as professionals. You can check out their site here:

New City of Pyramids album is now available!

My new album Switching Sympathies is done and ready to purchase.  I am super happy with it and can't wait to share it with everyone.  Click here to purchase the album. You can preview some of the album on my soundcloud. 

So much love today

Getting so much love on the internet for my Mad Max: Fury Road v. Adventure Time pieces. Please grab a print today to have in your home forever.  

Check out my friend David Malachi's amazing artwork.

My best friend David Malachi is is an amazing artist. I've known him for many years and he just kills it with every piece he does.  You can buy his prints on his website:  or his etsy:

 He also makes music under the name "The Baby Lucifer"   You can check out his music here:

MAD MAX v. Adventure Time